How it works

NFT is a new technology that enables artists and brands to obtain ownership of digital artworks. DIGITFULLY develops creative and strategic campaigns with artists, creators and brands.

We conceptualise campaigns and curate artists, create NFTs and use the back-end technology solutions to develop them on the blockchain. Afterwards, we use our personal networks and our blackbook of over a 1000 press contacts to promote our campaigns. 

Our methodology

We partner with content creators and brands all around the world to design and produce NFTs followed by digital advertising operations.  

We bridge the gap between creation & promotion

Meet the Core Team


Chief Executive Officer
Ex-corporate management & communication executive in Advertising, Publishing and Entertainment. Founder & CCO of a high-end Paris-based brand of sustainable fashion accessories and jewellery, Communication Director at a Monaco-based holding of luxury labels. Passionate supporter and investor in non-profit organisations. Vivid networker.
Location: South of France / Monaco


Partnerships and Community Director
Serial entrepreneur, strategy and management consultant. Co-founder of a few businesses in beauty and fashion including a launchpad platform for emerging designers. Founder of a bespoke Concierge Company, co-founder of Music Entertainment Agency and Director at Philanthropy Club in London. Public speaker, advocate for good causes. Location: London, UK


Chair of Artistic Board
Vice President of Art Stage Singapore, Southeast Asia’s first international art fair, for many years closely connected to Art Basel together with her husband Lorenzo - it's former director. International Charity Host, President and Founder of Rudolf Global Initiatives RGI. Founder of sustainable accessories line as well as luxury organic skincare. Location: Ecuador / Switzerland

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UK office: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom