F1 GP Monaco is just around the corner and we are ready!

On 23. May 2021, during the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco, the world-renowned artist Armin Flossdorf will perform a live painting performance during one of the most iconic races on the planet.


Creation of his paintings will be captured by Digitfully and the footage will be included in an NFT bundle, which will grant collectors a unique opportunity to have the physical art piece as well as the ownership of the video footage. Immortal art and a truthfully unique experience!

Armin Flossdorf

Armin Flossdorf – world-renowned German artist performing live painting performances during most of the F1 races for decades. The artist is a well-known name in the F1 circle with Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Jean Alesi and Kimi Räikkonen being proud owners of his artworks. Armin has been the official F1 painter for over 20 years now and has painted over 3500 F1 paintings. He has also been commisioned artworks for Prince Albert Foundation in Monaco.

To know more about Armin please check his official website www.f1arts.com


Royal GP requires Royal Treatment!

Our NFT drop is a unique opportunity to own the very first NFT live art performance in the history of this sport, and to bring home an artwork made by the artist appreciated by the legends who have created the history of car racing. 

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